Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Vertical gardening at Wall Flower Studio using low maintenance succulents

Had a lovely day in the shop... I was able to create 250 seed balls for a wedding order, (favors heading to California containing drought tolerant seeds), and managed to find some time at the end of the day to plant up these rustic, wooden frame vertical gardens with an assortment of succulents.
These frames have been specially hand-crafted for sale at Wall Flower Studio!

The chicken wire is key as it holds the soil, moss and plants in place. Nothing worse than hanging it on the wall, only to have everything pulled down by gravity!

This way, the container can be safely hung on the wall.

Alternatively, they can be placed on a table and used as a centerpiece!

Succulents are for the most part, drought tolerant and easy to care for. I always offer culture instructions with every purchase.

As I left the shop today, I was rather pleased with how these vertical gardens turned out. I have an order for a client who wants several along her cottage deck. Looking forward to planting those up, too!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Gardening. :)

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Gardening - indoors and out

Thankfully it's spring! At least that's what the calendar states.
Hanging succulents in glass globes
 We've actually just had more snow. Can't say I'm happy about the delay, but I still get to play in the garden, only it's mainly with succulents, inside on my potting table.
Every year I start seeds too early. A little impatient to be out and about in the garden. I recycle newspaper by making my own seed starting containers. They can be planted right in the dirt and compost back into the ground. No need to take more to landfill than necessary!
Starting seeds in newspaper pots
 These are coco fiber containers. I ran out of popsicle sticks, so these worked in a pinch. ;)
I ran out of labels, so these clothes pins worked really well!
Hope everyone is having a good spring so far. April starts tomorrow. Hopefully the milder weather is not far behind.
Have a great day! ~ K
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