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-Welcome to Wall Flower Studio Seeds-

-We are located in Haliburton, Ontario, on the Canadian Shield, Zone 4b.
The seeds we offer for sale have been lovingly grown, harvested, and processed by hand at Wall Flower Studio.

-We cultivate hardy, easy to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We specialize in organic, heirloom varieties and many are also native.

-Please check back often, as there are organic seeds added regularly!

-We’ll soon be offering other gardening items and gifts; either for yourself, or the special gardeners in your life!
Wall Flower Studio Seeds etc..
ORGANIC. non-gmo seeds , gardening, landscaping, recycled products, and gift ideas.
Contact: Karen Sloan
Online ordering: Paypal
Mail order: Yes, we send products through mail
Headline: Organic and Heirloom Seeds
Description: Specializing in Organic and Heirloom Seeds, located in zone 4b in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. - Paypal, the easy and safe way to make a transaction!

Contact: rykaral(at)hotmail(dot)com with any inquiries....Thank you!

*I also accept visa, mastercard, cheque or money order but will hold the latter 2 for 7-10 days until cleared. Thank you for understanding!
Orders are packed with care and shipped via Canada Post within 1 day of receipt of cleared payment.
All Seed Packets are labelled and Include a colour picture of the flower & germination instructions.

Available Seeds for Sale ~ Wall Flower Studio

Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus - (organic and heirloom) Very Fragrant! Mixed colours - 100 seeds/pkg. $1.00 + 0.75 cents Postage. Additional orders add 25 cents extra / pkg. ( See picture)

A perennial variety that usually does best when grown as an annual. Though originally native to Europe, it is easily grown throughout the United States and Canada. The pretty little fragrant flowers have fringed petals of red, pink, purple and violet. Prefers moist, well drained soil in full sun. In areas that have extremely hot summers it can be planted in partial shade. The plants grow 12-18 inches tall. Perennial.


Coreopsis lanceolata - (Organic) Yellow - 25 seeds/pkg. $1.00 + postage. ( See picture) TICKSEED - An easy to grow flower that tolerates a wide range of soil conditions! Tickseed is drought tolerant, but can also withstand prolonged periods of moisture.

Grows well in either a partially shaded or sunny location. Bright yellow flowers bloom on 2 to 3 feet tall stems, May through July, once the plants are established in two years. The foliage of this flower makes an attractive ground cover the remainder of the year. Perennial.


Lupine - Purple and Blue - (Organic) 25 seeds/pkg. $1.00 + postage. ( See picture below)LUPINE (Lupinus polyphyllus) - Spikes of beautiful little violet-blue coloured flowers, growing on 24 to 36 inch plants. Very hardy. CAUTION: All parts of plant are poisonous if taken internally. Keep away from children and pets. Perennial. (SOLD OUT)
Hollyhock, Alcea rosea -
(a) Hot Pink-Double flowering(SOLD OUT)
(b) White -single flowering (SOLD OUT)
(c) Heritage pink single bloom, Still available...
(Organic) - Zone 3-9 - 20 seeds/pkg. $1.00 + postage. ( See picture below) The tall, 6-8 foot, plants have 4 inch scarlet/pink flowers, all with double blooms! The pale pink grow 5-6 feet tall, also with 4" blooms.
Was once the most popular flower in gardens across Canada! Start inside 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost, transplanting outdoors after the last spring frost. Lovely addition to any garden!


Musk Mallow, Malva moschata rosea (Organic & Heirloom) Pink/mauve. Zone 3- 9 - (25 seeds/pkg. $1.00 + postage.) An easy to grow flower that tolerates a wide range of soil conditions! Malva is drought tolerant, but can also withstand prolonged periods of moisture. Grows well in partial shade or full sun. A close cousin to the Hollyhock, but much shorter in habit. Plants form a bushy mound of deeply-cut leaves with a pleasant musky fragrance. Satiny single hibiscus-type flowers appear during the summer and bloom until late fall, in a range of pink shades. Although not long-lived, this will often self sow and come back for years. Cutting plants back hard in August will encourage the plants to winter and survive for longer. Seedlings that appear may be easily moved while still small. Attractive to butterflies, and it's rabbit/deer resistant.

Gaillardia aristata - Blanket flower - (Organic/Native) Zone 3-9 25 seeds/pkg. @ $1.25each + postage.
Gaillardia aristata, Perennial Gaillardia or Perennial Blanket Flower is a native perennial wild flower, perfect for sunny locations and well drained soil. With it's showy flowers, it makes a nice addition to your butterfly garden as well as a great cut flower. Gaillardia aristata prefers full sun but will tolerates partial shade. The daisy-like flowers bloom summer to fall in shades of red and yellow. Blanket Flower is a native wildflower of our plains and prairies and is often used for cut flowers.


Heirloom, GMO's, Organic..What does it all mean?

* None of the seeds I sell are genetically engineered. (I am against gmo's )

*Quality seeds at low prices. (I'm not against this, and you won't be either! )

I grow all my own seeds and sell only my most recent harvest. The pictures above are from my own garden. *The Kitty cat is mine too!!

The word "heirloom" is not an officially defined word (as the word "organic" is). In other words, pardon the pun, it is left up to the people using it to state what they mean.

When I state that a variety is an heirloom, I mean that it is an open pollinated variety developed before 1940, but was not used in modern large-scale agriculture.

Open pollinated seed saving is the oldest of the three methods, likely predating agriculture itself. All heirloom seeds are open pollinated. When a breeder raises a population of open pollinated plants that are of a like variety and keeps pollen from other varieties from entering the patch (generally accomplished with just distance from another variety), she or he will have the ability to save open pollinated seeds from the patch.