Sunday, 25 January 2009

An Update On My 100 Year Old Amaryllis!

Well, I had to share an updated picture of my Amaryllis! There are 8 stalks blooming, and I'm so happy with it.

Please keep in mind, I don't use ANY chemical based fertillizers, and the soil is all organic matter. The odd time I'll give it a drink from the cold tea left in the teapot, but that's it.

I don't recommend using chemical fertillizer. Once read somewhere, (lost on me now who wrote it) that products like Miracle Grow and the like, cause the plants cells to grow too big & too fast, thereby weakening them.
To me those products are nothing more than a waste of my good money. Plants grew happily for millions of years without these products, so I don't understand why they'd all of a sudden be so necessary now!
If they don't like me speaking frankly about their product, let them sue me. It'a free country, and like my Grandmother used to say, "You can't get blood from a stone"!


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

She's beautiful! :)

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Thank you for commenting! I must have done something right by this plant : ) She hasn't bloomed like this in a few years...Hoping she'll provide me with many seeds from those blooms that I can share with people.

Helen at summerhouse said...

Hi Karen thanks for the link. It's a wonderful plant! And 100 years old so amazing.

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Hi Helen, thanks so much for your comment. I have repotted it since this picture was taken. It took me a while to get up the nerve to do it! Was afraid I'd hurt it or something..
From what I can find out, it's an Amaryllis vittatum. Appreciate you visiting!