Monday, 2 March 2009

An Exceptional Weekend ~ Seedy Saturday!

Photo credit - © Susan Berman & Nur Intan Candau

Seedy Saturday was an awsome event! I'm told by the organizers that more than 2000 people ventured through the doors in four short hours! WOW...I believe it!
Being part of an event where there are so many other gardening enthusiasts was a real pleasure to say the least! I was already very inspired to get gardening, but even more so now!
I sold many of my seed packets, paper seed favours, lavender sachets, and of course, there was much interest in the citron seeds. Luckily, I had on hand the recipe to give anyone who purchased the citron seeds, and I wish them all much success with it!
Speaking of citrons, many of my readers may already know this, but I am the co-ordinator of the Stanhope Discovery Museum's gardens, which is where I grow the citrons. Each year, I hand over my harvest to the museum board, where they take it and make our citron marmalade, which in turn, I sell at our booth on Heritage Day. Last year, one of the Heritage Day demonstrators, Pat Bremner, purchased a few jars of it, which she does faithfully every year, but here is the twist to the story! On February 21st, 2009, Pat decided on a whim to enter it at the Culinary Historians of Ontario for the "Mad for Marmalade, Crazy for Citron!" program at Toronto's Fort York. Well, as I was standing at my booth during Seedy Saturday, didn't Pat walk up to me and tell me all of this, along with the fact that our marmalade had won First Prize! I'm quite sure my jaw hit the ground! My hearty thanks goes out to Pat for promoting both the marmalade and the museum!!
The other person I want to thank is a very dear friend of mine, Manneck Saatha. When I was the assistant horticulturalist at the Toronto Botanical Garden, he was, and still is, a dedicated volunteer there, without whom, the TBG would be lost! Manneck was kind enough to spend a couple of hours helping me out at Seedy Saturday. I am so grateful since it was much busier than I'd anticipated, so his help was immeasurable!
Lastly, I'd like to thank the organizers from Seedy Saturday. It was a huge undertaking, and such a successful event. Kudo's to all the people who made it happen. I'm sure to be back next year!


lisa winter said...

congrats, i'm glad your seedy saturday was a success. after seeing the cool stuff you were bringing i'm not surprised. it's great to see there were so many people there interested in seeds and such.

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Thanks Lisa. You've been so encouraging for me. Now I find I don't know what to write about since it's all said and done..bit of a void to fill now, until I can actually get into the garden!