Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Unique Heirloom Pea ~ "Golden Sweet"

SNOW PEAS (Pisum sativum) "Golden Sweet" - An Heirloom from the 1600's!

How to grow - So EASY!! Just as you would regular peas.

The pod is edible and used extensively in salads or a stir fry. When using the pods, pick off the vine just as they are beginning to enlarge.
This wonderful and versatile variety is used as a dry soup pea if they are left to dry. By soaking them overnight, you can cook them the same way you would any ordinary dry bean.

The flavor is sweet and these lovely plants grow up to 6'.
60-70 days until harvest.

Happy Gardening : )

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Ruralrose said...

Wow this is an old variety, makes my skin tingle to think of all the women through the years the seed for us today. Do you have a large garden? I will keep reading maybe I will find out on my own, great blog. Peace