Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Edible Flowers - A Salad in Your Own Garden!

Flowers are high in vitamins and minerals and all are rich in nectar & pollen.
Rose hips have a high in vitamin C content, as well as nasturtium & marigolds.
Dandelion flowers contain vitamins A and C. Add them to your salads!!

Edible flowers should be picked in the morning after the dew has gone. You should pick fully open flowers, and of course, should sample several different varieties of flowers before harvesting.
Never eat flowers that have been in contact with any chemicals and poisons such as pesticides or herbicides. Organic is the way to go!

Much like growing grapes for making wine, flowers of the same variety but grown in different locations will have slightly different tastes, due to varying soil types & environmental conditions.

Flowers might also taste a little different at the end of the growing season too, and can vary from year to year.
The best part you ask!!! Flowers are mostly free of calories!

....NEVER eat ANYTHING from the garden if you don’t know what it is first!!

List of Some Edible Flowers

Bachelor button
Bee balm
Chive flowers
Roses -Rose hips
Squash blossom

Monday, 27 July 2009

Bee Balm - Bergamot - Monarda

Blooming now @ Wall Flower Studio!

Bergamot has a long flowering season, July, right into September. They are extremely hardy and will grow in full sun to part shade, although I have to say, mine are growing in a very shady area without any trouble at all.

Bergamot is best planted “en masse” as the effect is stunning.

Perhaps in the middle of a border, or along a fence.
Bee Balm is related to mint, so you might want to be careful where it's planted, because once it's established, it will spread as mint is known to do. But who would want to get in the way of that!! Besides, Hummingbirds, Butterflies, and Bees love it too!

The picture above of the single red flower is named 'Cambridge Scarlet'. An older variety that has bright red flowers with wonderfully aromatic, lemon scented leaves.
Also pictured is a hot pink variety at a friend's garden. They are gorgeous. I'm trying to find out what the name is of that one. A must for my garden!
I must say that the bright red flowers are very appealing. People visiting my studio right now are drawn to them immediately!
Seeds will be available shortly, so please check back soon!
Thanks for viewing and happy gardening!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Lavender Sachets -Organic- From Wall Flower Studio

Lovely Lavender Sachets from Wall Flower Studio

- 1/4 cup of organically grown lavender in organic cotton/muslin bags.
The great thing is that they can be thrown in the bath with you, then added to the
dryer with your towels, or anything else!
They are re-usable, up to a dozen times, and don't forget...they repel moths.
They can be re-filled with more lavender, or, the bag can be used to hold jewellery or other collectables!
$3.50/each (or) buy 3 and get one free!
Find them on my Etsy site -http://wallflowerstudio.etsy.com/
Wall Flower Studio accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.
Thank you : )

Thursday, 9 July 2009

July Garden @ Wall Flower Studio

It's been ages since I've last posted here. Shame on me! Have been very busy painting in my studio, but my thoughts and actions have returned back to the garden. This is a picture of my front yard, in the rock garden. Lot's of Thyme, Sweet William, Mint and others. The yellow Irises have just finished.
If it ever stops raining here in Haliburton County, even just for a few hours, I might actually be able to cut the grass. : )