Thursday, 18 March 2010

Clematis - Nelly Moser - A Stunning Heirloom

This gorgeous climber is well worth a spot in any garden. The bloom size is the up to 6" across, so the flowers on a 'Nelly Moser' clematis are truly magnificent.
Each petal is a frosty-pink with a deeper pink bar down the centre, the anthers are a lovely shade of purple, and it's shimmery and seemingly silvery seeds are almost as attractive as the flowers.
It has vined to ten feet in my garden, and I've read that after many years may begin to send up vines to fifteen feet. Wow!
In more temperate climates, it flowers late April through June, with a re-blooming period in late August, though in less mild climates like mine this cold-hardy vine won't necessarily have the second bloom period. Too bad for me!
It doesn't demand much, if any pruning, and the spring flowering is on the previous year's vines. If pruning does seem necessary, as much as the top third can be shorn down after the spring flowers go to seed. This will induce fresh growth & enhance the late summer & early autumn re-bloom, again, if you're living in a milder climate than me!
It likes to have its leaves & flowers in full sun, like most fancy hybrids, but again, as mostly all clematis, it's roots should be shaded & cool, in moist, well draining soil. I plant ground covers and mulch well around any clematis for this purpose.
The huge flowers can be short-lived in too much hot sun, but I've found that they can last much longer in some dappled sunlight or with only morning sun.
'Nelly Moser' is an heirloom hybrid from the late 1800’s, and the breeder was Marcel Moser of Versailles, France. Such a lovely history!

Happy Gardening !!!


Kimberly said...

This is a beautiful vine! I had clematis when I lived further north, but I don't think they do well in SE Florida. Do you know if your Nelly Moser will thrive in USDA zone 9B?

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Kimberly, I have the feeling that 9B might be pushing it. I'm thinking that Zone 8 might be the border, however I really don't that for sure, or how much heat it would tolerate, (having never gardened in anything higher than a 6B, so if you'd like to email me your address, I'll send you some in the mail and you can give it a try. I'm curious to know as well!