Sunday, 30 May 2010

Container Planting - Summer Mix

Well, my poor barrel is on it's last legs, but it will have to do for one more season. I'm actually afraid to move it because I think it will fall apart given the chance, and that's a huge mess just waiting to happen that I don't really want to deal with right now!
It's filled with lot's of annuals of assorted colours, and I add some branches for height, especially since the plants haven't filled out yet, and it looks rather sparse still until they do.
What are you planting in your containers this year?
Happy Gardening!


Crafty Gardener said...

I have all sorts of things in containers, from cosmos, zinnia, coleus, and geraniums to potatoes, beans, peas and more. I think the containers will need lots of tlc and extra watering this year due to the lack of rainfall in my part of Ontario. The lawns already look like they do by the end of July.

Bernie said...

What a shame it's on it's last legs ... it's a great container. I have lots of pots ... not many great containers. My courtyard garden is filled with potted plants ... crossandra, aralia, jasmine, crotons, cordylines, ixora, plectranthus, cleomes, New Guinea impatiens, ginger, spathiphyllum to name a few. I also have the lovely petunias, violas, daisies, verbenas and pansies. They're lots of work but I love having them.

Laura said...

I have containers that receive full sun from morning to night. Most plants get fried, they can't bear the heat and they only ones that flourish seem to be gernaniums. Do you have any suggestions? (I do water faithfully, in case you were wondering) :)

nancybond said...

I love your barrel container, and it looks like it will be a bright and colourful spot in your garden. :)

Helen at summerhouse said...

It's a really nice barrel too. Have you ever seen those barrel liners? They are black plastic and and are made to fit half barrels. You can use them for a little water feature. I wonder if you could sort of nail this poor old barrel together and put in a liner and make a wee pond. As for my containers, I have succulents so far, and have planted seeds of nicotiana, and coleus.