Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Garden Structures - Functional and Beautiful

Well, I convinced my husband that a trellis was necessary, and was so pleased with what he built me. Not only do trellises, obelisks and other garden structures look good, but they give much needed support for climbers, but actually, they provide extra room for plants in the garden by offering that vertical space!
Form and Function. I like that a lot!

Pictured here are Rattlesnake pole beans. They are really tasty heirlooms that I can't wait to pick and eat!
The pods actually have a rattlesnake "esque" pattern on them, so they not only taste good, but they're pretty to look at on the vine too. It's an old time favorite as both a snap bean and dry bean used in soups. This heavy producer provides beans withing 73 days.
So, garden structures are ideal when you have little space for growing a garden, or even if you have several hundred acres!
There are many types of vegetable plants that grow very well with the help of a trellis, and many different structures that can be used to grow not only food, but many other climbers and vines that will look beautiful, and have much needed support, in the garden.
Happy Gardening!


Helen at summerhouse said...

This really is a good looking obelisk. He did a great job. We've got squash that are happily climbing up a trellis in our garden.

Crafty Gardener said...

I love the obelisk that your husband made and it's great for growing those tasty beans up.

Ginny said...

I love the3 obelisk! Did your husband design it himself? I believe he could market those.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks so much, ladies!
~ Helen, I'm looking forward to seeing your squash. Will have to wander over to Summerhouse!
~ C.G., Thank you! I've passed on all the compliments to my husband. He's beaming! (I can't take credit, except for conning him into making it, lol)
~ Ginny, I found a picture in an book I have about American heirloom gardens, and my husband took it from there. Thanks so much!
Actually thinking of marketing them more. We've sold a couple as kits to some friends, but hmm.. I'm sensing a business now!

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