Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Verandah Vignette - Favourite Garden Seats

This old rickety chair, (that I happily admit to finding at our local dump), is the most comfortable seat I've ever plopped myself down in.
It's become like an old friend, and I can't imagine who would have wanted to throw away such an item! Well, you know that old saying..
"One man's trash is another's treasure". Or, maybe even better, "C'est la vie"!
To me, a space to sit and read, usually with a good cuppa java, listening to nature, or just to take in the garden's view for even just a few precious moments during the day, is worth it's weight in gold.
Everyone needs a space where they can relax, wind down, and just be.
This space happens to be mine; On the verandah.
Hoping you have some kind of peaceful space for yourself, too!
Happy Gardening!


Bernadette said...

Beautiful! I love verandahs and worn, comfortable chairs where I can absorb nature. Thanks for sharing!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks so much, Bernadette! I couldn't agree more. Sitting on ones verandah or front porch is akin to getting a hug from ones home! : )