Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bee Balm - Monarda En Masse

I just love the colour of this Bee Balm. My camera has not likely done these gorgeous flowers any justice whatsoever, however I'm giving my poor old camera an A for effort!
But seriously, this flower is very aptly named. The bees are all over it, all the time, and the Hummingbirds are too. No wonder! If I were a pollinator, I'd be entranced as well!
Bee Balm is a member of the mint family, so be warned, it'll spread... But seriously, why not when it looks so good en masse like this, and it's such a supporter of the beneficial insect world.
Plus, it makes a nice tea!
Thanks for visiting, and Happy Gardening!


Bernie said...

Have to agree ... I think I'd be happy for them to spread too. They are gorgeous en masse!!!
Such a lovely photo ... I know you don't think it does the flowers justice, but the colour looks wonderful.
Lol ... I've just noticed your temp there ... 21 deg C early Summer's morning and here I am in 24 deg C at 2.00 pm on a Winter's afternoon!!!!!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Bernie, thank you! Yeah, I'm just going to let them grow where they will. Besides, it's not worth fighting nature!
So, your winter temps are warmer than our summer temps, lol! That, my friend is extremely appealing, and I'm almost jealous! ; )
How fortunate to be gardening during the winter. I'll be wistfully thinking of that when we have several feet of snow come next Jan. & Feb.!!
I'll have to pop over to your site and see what you've got going on in your lovely garden.
K xo