Monday, 16 August 2010

Nasturtiums - Tropaeolum majus - #Edible & Blooming Now @ Wall*Flower*Studio

Well, the Nasturtiums are coming along nicely. I tried starting them earlier in the year indoors under grow lights, and nothing happened... : ( Thought perhaps that the seeds were duds,
however, when I planted them outdoors in the raised beds, they came along quite nicely. Wondering if they just don't like being started indoors, and I seem to remember other garden bloggers mentioning this same issue.
I really like the mixed jewell colours. So very vibrant, and a very welcome sight in the garden, plus, once they get growing, they're virtually maintenance free. A nice bonus!
What's really marvellous is the fact that slugs and snails don't seem to be interested in these lovely flowers, or their foliage. During a particularly wet summer, this is all important to a gardener, especially when witnessing one's Hosta's being attacked on a continual basis!
But that hasn't been the case this year. It's been a great growing season for me. A good balance, weatherwise.
Nasturtiums have a slightly peppery flavoured foliage, especially the tender new leaves. Flowers add a colorful, edible garnish in salads, herbal vinegars, and many other recipes.
So, if you haven't grown these lovely and useful flowers before, you might want to give them a try!
Happy Gardening!


Campbell Jane said...

I love these! It's one flower that will grow for me. hahaha no seriously. I love them in salad too and have been wanting to try this recipe but the plants are so pretty I can't bring myself to pick them. My mother-in-laws home in SF was on a hill and the hill stayed covered year round in wild orange and the leaves were huge, as big as both my hands together,looke like big lilly pads. I fell in love with them then.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Janet, thanks so much! I'll definitely try the recipe. And I agree with not picking them! I usually just take photos, lol, but willing to sacrifice some for that pesto!
Would love to see a photo of that hill where your mother-in-law lives! (hint, hint!)
I've been picturing those lily pad sized leaves in my head since reading your comment! No wonder you fell for them! Sounds just divine : )