Thursday, 19 August 2010

Rudbeckia "en masse" - What's in a name?

When the garden becomes established after a few years of toil and patience, one can actually just rest on their laurels for a bit, ignore the weeds, and just enjoy being at one with the garden.
That's how I feel when witnessing flowers like these Rudbeckia's filling out en masse, and providing striking colour to the landscape. Of course, the food for pollinators they provide, especially the butterflies, doesn't hurt either!
So, these Rudbeckia certainly qualify, at least in my estimation!
Was never sure exactly which variety these are, but sometimes that's just not the most important thing on my gardening agenda. It's important to know names, but the world will go on if that doesn't always happen. ; )
A friend provided me with some roots from their plants a few years back, and the sight of them blooming every year in my garden overrides my lack of a label for them.
However, if anyone out their does know the variety, feel free to enlighten me!
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Helen at summerhouse said...

Hi Karen, I have to agree about the lack of label. I'm often losing the name for things but I enjoy the show just the same. These are wonderful flowers even without a proper name. btw thanks so much for your visit to my blog today.

900ft Jesus said...

Wow! You must see the world with a magical lens. Beautiful art work, photography (I love the composition)!

I grew some of the ones you posted here, but I can't remember the name either. I bought a nice piece of land a few years ago and have been learning what works and what doesn't. Bought magazines, listened to my co-pilot (but they like everything symmetrical. What I see here on your site is what I kind of envisioned, and thanks to you, I can see that yes, that's what I want to shape.

It'll take a decade just to get the base in place, but that's part of the joy, and that really comes through on your blog. The planning, nurturing, the anticipation, and the delight for each plant and their amazing variety.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Wonderful picture of the beautifull flowers which shout: Summer!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

I just planted some of these!! They are 'Autumn Colours'. What a beautiful 'en masse' you have! :)

Wall Flower Studio said...

Geez, I'm sorry everyone. I forgot to reply!
Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I do appreciate it.

~Helen, I couldn't have said it better! And it's always a pleasure popping by your blog. I too lose labels & forget what I've planted!

~900ft Jesus, I'm totally honoured by your words and compliment. Love the "magical lens" especially! Thank you so much.
Hoping you've convinced your co-pilot to see the garden in a different way! Good luck with everything. Sounds like you're going to have a great time with it all. You've got the right attitude for sure, and I wish you well! Great blog btw. Am following along : )

~Tatyana, thanks so much! They do shout Summer! Great comment!

~Rebecca, thank you so much for letting us all know the name!! Good luck with your planting of them! You'll have a nice clump next year, I bet!