Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Amaryllis - Seedheads and Seedlings

I stuck an Amaryllis seed in my begonia plant. Lo' and behold, it's growing!
The Amaryllis is still blooming, and has been for a month, now. 18 stalks all together grew this year. Puts a big smile on my face! If you haven't visited my blog before, this Amaryllis is over 100 years old. A true heirloom!
I've hand pollinated all the flowers and as you can see, there's lots of seedheads now. When planting Amaryllis seeds, it's best to treat them like a Maple key seed. A bit of the top of the seed should be sticking out of the soil. They should be kept moist, but not sopping wet. Would love to hear from anyone else who has been successful with starting Amaryllis from seed. Thanks for visiting and Happy Gardening, whether it's indoors or out!

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Vicky Nguyen said...

I love ur amarylis :) ..