Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday Flower - Blooming Still @ Wall*Flower*Studio

The humble Viola, growing smack dab in the middle of my mulched garden path.
What can I say about these precious little gems? Really, a tougher flower you won't find.
This plant has recieved much abuse this year, mainly due to it's location on the path.
I've tromped on it several times, got it with the mower once or twice, my son has ridden over it with his bike, and countless times, the hose has been dragged across it, yet, it's still thriving.
Have to admire any living thing that practices such determination!
Happy Friday!


Bernie said...

What a brilliant little survivor ... that is determination with a capital D! Usually it's weeds that pop up in the pathways for me ... I'd love it to be these Violas!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks Bernie! I like that.. capital D! And a heap of fortitude as well!
But admittedly, there are weeds too.
Aren't computer programs great for cropping pictures?! lol ; )