Sunday, 12 September 2010

Garden Ornaments - Hiding amongst the plants!

A cement Turtle paired with a Deer Antler, (found in the forest).

Rusty the Rabbit.. (It's actually a "piggy" bank)

Iron compote. I move this around all the time!

Victorian style hose guard & a metal butterfly. Kind of tacky, but I think it keeps the deer away. It bobs a bit in the wind!

A metal bee on a stake, which also bobs a bit. Also a solar garden night light. There's a few of them around the garden.

Chinese style lanterns hanging on metal pole plant hangers, affixed in the half barrel planters.

The really tacky one that everyone comments on! This fellow is there because my doorbell doesn't work, so it's next to the door, but it's more of a placebo really because if my dishwasher is on, or the music, I'll not hear you knocking!!
I was on twitter and noticed a few other garden bloggers mentioning the garden ornaments in their's and other people's gardens. It really got me thinking, so I went out and snapped a few pictures so I could jump on the bandwagon.
Why do we decorate our gardens? I'm guessing it's because they are an extension of us and our homes. I don't have any really grand statues in my garden. No flamingos or little elves, but I do l like to place things amongst the plants. Seems to be a common thing among gardeners! I guess it personalizes the space and brings a human factor to nature.
So, the only one missing from here is my gargoyle, and he's so small that I can't find where he is! I'll have to wait for the frost when the plants die off. Then he comes inside and sit's by my fireplace!
Happy Gardening!
Blue glass fishing bobbers in the planter.


Shyrlene said...

Karen - I think your yard art is cool. Funny, I was looking at mine too, after reading "Along Life's Highway The Yard Art Game" post today! (I may not get a gnome though - just a bit creepy to me, in a scary movie kinda way.)

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks Shyrlene! It's kind of benign stuff, but I've never been the flashy type. Happy to leave flamingos and gnomes to others who can pull it off much better than me! It's probably all got to do with attitude!
But it's not that I don't appreciate them, but like you say, I find them kinda creepy somehow, too! Your movie comment made me think of "Chucky". (I'm not one for dolls either, not after seeing that movie, lol.)
I'll have to pop over and visit your blog today. Have a good one!