Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sunflowers - The Heirloom Arikara - Blooming still, in the Garden!

Stately Arikara Sunflowers

Big, Beautiful Flower Heads
Overlooking the garden

Grown in the veggie patch, from seed
I can't go on enough about the stately Arikara Sunflower. They truly are an amazing plant to grow. This time of year, I'm always in awe of their grandeur, and the fact that these 7 ft. tall plants can grow from a single little seed, planted only a few months ago.
These ones you see above are all grown organically, are open-pollinated, and are always laden with bees! I love growing plants for the pollinators.
They're an heirloom dating back millenia, rich with history, originally collected by the Arikara First Nations People in North Dakota.
Interesting to me is the size and shape of the flower heads which has quite a range, due to it's diverse genetic origins. The Arikara grows anywhere from 6 feet to 12 feet. Quite a feat! ; )
So, when all is harvested in the garden and the blooms are spent, these stately flowers really strut their stuff.
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Annelie said...

Can you imagine? 12 feet.. will yours get any taller than they are now?

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Annelie,
I don't expect them to get any taller, but wouldn't that be nice!
Thinking that in a warmer zone, (mine is only a USDA zone 3), or anywherer with a bit of a longer growing season, that they wouldn't have any trouble reaching 10-12 feet.
Thanks for visiting!

~fer said...

Amazing! I can't imagine 12 feet tall sunflowers.

Hi I am a fellow gardener from across the big pond, I just discovered your blog.