Sunday, 3 October 2010

Autumn Garden, The Studio Tour, Fall Colours, and the showy Mums

Lots of blooms...

The Back Yard - A very steep hill, and the view from the kitchen window.
Often seen are a fox, turkey, deer, moose, black bear, and many other assorted creatures/birds. Pileated woodpeckers and the odd Owls are favourites of mine to see.

Front Yard - I prefer the deer stay far away from here.
Just a quick post and a few photos today. The garden is starting to wind down for the season, but some things like these mums are out in full bloom, showing their autumn glory.
Many people may not know this, but I'm an artist as well as a gardener.
This weekend was the first of two for the Haliburton Studio Tour that I'm on, (part two is next weekend), so I've been a little remiss in posting here on my garden blog.
My days have been taken up with getting my studio ready for the wonderful people who make the drive to visit, and often times, purchase my paintings & papier mache sculptures.
I usually have about 200-300 people per day visiting during the tour, so I try to make sure the garden looks nice. First impressions count! (Most people like to do the tour because of the fall colours, which are spectacular right now.)
However, the inside of the house has likely been neglected during the summer, due to the fact that I'd much rather be outside than in, so a big clean up is on the agenda for sure! Pretty sure most if not all gardeners understand that!
So, I can relax tonight as round one is done. A glass of wine in one hand and the feet are up!
Next weekend will be a whole new crowd of art lovers passing through my doors, and I look forward to that for sure.
If you'd care to take a peek at my art, here's a couple links. A lot is inspired by the garden, but some of it may raise an eyebrow or two from some viewers... But that's okay. ; )
Thanks for visiting, and Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous October!


salmeton said...

I check out your post here daily. Your autumn garden is delightful. What I love the most when I see photos from your property is that the many wonderful and varied species look as though they could have decided to exist there by their own volition. Your garden is very happy place indeed.

house clearance said...

some very nice shots there i find it really nice when someone looks after the garden and make it lok super

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hello Salmeton,
Thank you so much. That is a lovely comment indeed, which I truly appreciate.
I do tend to let plants do as they will as a more natural look is to me, much more appealing!
Thank you for visiting here here, and I hope you'll continue to do so!
And my thanks to you as well, House Clearance. Very kind of you to say so!