Saturday, 23 October 2010

Autumn in the Garden as it winds down for the Season @ Wall*Flower*Studio

Well, it's time to put the garden to bed.
A beautiful day here in Haliburton, so I actually tore myself away from the studio and the computer so I could get some things done before the snow flies.
Took a few pictures today, too. Hope you enjoy.
Autumn is always an ambivalent time for me. I love the crisp, fresh mornings, the colours of the trees, the falling leaves, and even the thought of winter, however, I do miss the garden as it winds down for the season... Thinking I'm not alone. At least during winter, we gardeners show our hope and faith in Mother Nature by planning what we'll do next year.
Every Fall I think of how great the garden was, but how much better it will be next time around!

One last look at my parlour set before it goes in the shed for the winter.

Cut some mums from the garden and had them outside in a vase. They've lasted more than 3 weeks. Such a lovely flower for an Autumn bouquet.

I can't resist flowering Kale. They are so beautiful.

One hot pink Aster in a bed of fallen leaves.

Saving and harvesting herbs, as well as seeds. Sage and variegated Thyme shown here.
I make lots of different things with my harvest of herbs... Wreaths, pot pourri, bath tea bags, herbal kindling bundles, etc.
Please feel free to browse all the organic products that Wall Flower Studio has to offer
---> at my Etsy Shop. Thank you!
So, there's still some garden chores to be done. Getting the garden in order for Winter is a bit of work, but also fun since the harvest brings so much abundance this time of year.
Thinking it's time for a coffee break and that the few jobs left can wait a couple more weeks...
Thanks for visiting & as always, Happy Gardening!

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Urban Girl said...

Great photos - I love the bistro set what a great place it must be to sit.

And yes - I've been seeing alot of flowering kale this fall - so beautiful!