Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Arikara Sunflower - Heirloom Seeds & Seed Heads - 12 feet Tall : )

Laura and her 12 foot tall Arikara sunflowers. I almost fell off my chair when she sent me this picture, truly!.
Arikara Sunflower Seeds - (Helianthus annus) Luckily, they all just fit in this mason jar.
Arikara dried flower head - Seeds have been removed. I love the texture.
I save the seeds every year of course, and as for the seed heads, I'm currently making wreaths with them.
A lovely lady who purchased some of these from me this past spring was kind enough to send me a picture of her harvest. They grew 12 feet tall for her. I'm so pleased! She (Laura), gave me permission to share a picture she took of them, here on my blog. Thanks Laura! You have one hell of a green thumb! : )
Thanks for visiting! Happy Heirloom gardening!
(Because, really, Monsanto's poisonous crap will never grow as well as an heirloom will.)


Helen at summerhouse said...

Wow! She really is good at gardening! And the seeds must have been pretty good too. Will you show a wreath when you've got one? Love to see it.

Kristina Strain said...

Beautiful photos! I'm just a few hours south of you, and we have just a dusting of snow, but those photos are a nice preview of what's to come.

I love seed saving, too. I have just a small garden at the moment, but am in the process of moving to a bigger place. There's a great article of seed-saving here:

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks Helen! I'll pass that along!
Would love to show you the wreath when I'm done. Just finishing up a couple painting commissions, then I can play with the dried flowers!
Hope you are well and keeping busy!
Cheers for now!
Hi Kristina,
Thanks very much! Yes that is a preview of what's to come your way! I guess you didn't get hit with all that snow that Buffalo got hit with. That was fortunate.
Thanks for that link. Very kind. I'll check it out! Good luck with expanding your garden. It's always nice to meet a fellow seed saver. So important nowadays to do that.
Stop by anytime! : ) Thanks again!