Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gaillardia - Drought Tolerant and Hardy Native Plants

Gaillardia aristata - Goblin
The very showy, (yet, underrated), Gaillardia aristata, or Blanket Flower, is a Native perennial wild flower from North America.
It's pretty much the only plant that's still green in my garden at the moment, considering I live in USDA zone 3, and we've had a couple killing frosts already.
This bright and colourful plant is just perfect for sunny locations in front of the border.
It’s really drought tolerant, and since it appeals to most pollinators, it makes the perfect addition to a butterfly or wildlife garden.
Gaillardia does prefer full sun, however, I’ve discovered it will indeed tolerate a bit of dappled shade.
Since I live in a rural area, here in Ontario, I’ve come to the conclusion that any plant or flower that the deer don’t decimate get points, so this one does for sure! Thankfully, Gaillardia is definitely not on the Deer’s menu! Perhaps it's the leaf texture, but whatever the reason, I'm grateful!
The daisy-like flowers bloom from Spring and right through into the Autumn, which is a real plus in any perennial bed. They also make a lovely addition to floral arrangements since the flowers hold up well in water. I love the cheery blooms that come in shades of red, yellow and orange. They really brighten up my kitchen, however, I don’t cut many, since I like to collect the seedheads for drying and to save the seeds.
Saving the seeds from Gaillardia is very easy to do. I simply collect them once the flower has finished and has dried on the plant. I save them in a paper bag until I’m sure they’re completely dry, then store them away somewhere safe ‘til next planting season begins again next year.
And, if you're interested in growing the lovely Gaillardia in your garden, please feel free to visit Wall Flower Studio. I have many seed packets available for purchase.
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Happy Gardening!


Annelie said...

Because of its qualities, it is one of my favorite plants.
I have never collected the seeds though. It seems to self seed, but may be I should help it along a bit.

Mindful Merchant said...

Hi Karen - I'm supposed to let you know you one an award.

Have a great weekend! :)

Wall Flower Studio said...

So true, Annelie. I'm sure it would self sow easily. LOL, I just never give it a chance! Poor thing.. I save the seeds for swapping and selling on my Etsy site. Plus, I like to plant the seeds in different spots around the garden. It is a lovely plant tho'. Thanks for stopping by! : )

Hi Laura! Well, thank you so much! I'm really honoured! Just left a comment for you! : )