Saturday, 11 December 2010

Amaryllis Blooms - An Heirloom Variety

Just playing with my new camera, which I was lucky enough to receive just before these blooms started to happen!
Will hand pollinate each flower for collection of more seeds.
If you haven't been following my blog, this plant was originally my great-great Grandma's. It's about 120 years old. If I ever kill it, I'd be devastated! Knock wood that never happens.
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Laura said...

I had not idea a bulb could live that long. What a treasure! It is beautiful and your photos are lovely especially on this snowy blustery day.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Laura! Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying the pictures on this very snowy day.
It's really coming down here right now, and imagine it is where you are, too.

I think what happens is that new bulbs have developed in the pot as the older ones die back. I remember it at my Uncle's farm, blooming away, when I was just a kid. Was in the same bucket when I "inherited" it, after he passed away.
I've since repotted the big one, which bloomed all summer for me, as the bucket cracked right down the side.
There wasn't much in the way of soil either. More like dirt! The second pot you see here are bulbs from the big pot, and when my Uncle was still alive, he dug out a couple bulbs for me.
Enjoy the snow!

Elise Muller said...

I'm so excited to see those close up photos! I bought some of your amaryllis seeds at the SIRCH show and I'm waiting for them to germinate. I'm really hoping they sprout soon. I'm hoping I'm providing the right moisture etc. Once sprouted, would you plant a big grouping or individual pots?

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Elise!
I'm glad you visited my blog. Thank you!
It was nice to meet you at the SIRCH show. I wish you much luck with the seeds. If you need any help at all, don't hesitate to call me.
It's just fine to leave them together sprouting in the pot. It will take a while before they need to be potted up individually. I'd say about 6 monthes to a year. Keep them moist, but not sodden and they should like that alot. If you think of it, when watering add some leftover (black) coffee when watering. It's the only thing I use to fertilize with.
Hope that helps!
All the best to you for the Holidays!

Little Cottage Pillows said...

They are so beautiful! So, I can just plant the seed, but what is it like before the bulb develops and can I transport it when I move?

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks Jen! I just love them. : )
Yes, the seeds can just be planted. I've had much success in growing Amaryllis from seeds. There's a couple of ways to start them; floating the seeds in water is one way, but I haven't tried it since just potting them in soil has worked for me.
I do keep them in pots and not in the garden, so they're completely transportable. Mine have moved 3 houses so far, and go outside in the summer and back inside during the winter.
I have to say, it would take a few years before any blooms will come, but to me it's totally worth the wait, but I'm totally biased! ; )

Wishing you and your's a very Happy Holiday!

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