Friday, 3 December 2010

The Only Thing Growing in the Garden - Piles of Snow!

Hydrangeas - Open to the elements, yet encased in snow.
Makes for some nice winter interest in the garden.

Garden Obelisk - Patiently waiting for Spring. Just like me!

The snow is so heavy, smaller trees are feeling overburdened.

Looking out to the road. The snow on the trees creates a sheltered entrance to our home.
It's only early December, so it's going to be a long winter! We don't normally have this much snow so early. Must admit, it is pretty, and it makes a person want to cocoon themselves indoors.
Well, me anyhow!
So, I've turned my attention to the indoor plants for now.
This is the time of year many of us northern gardeners kill our houseplants with kindness, since we have no alternative to playing in the dirt!
My plants are all watered, now. Must admit, during the Winter, it's much dryer in my home, so I've found that I actually have to water more frequently than during other seasons.
My smaller Amaryllis plant is on the verge of blooming.
Will post some pictures next time 'round.
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Little Cottage Pillows said...

It's beautiful! We have some snow flurries here in Pennsylvania and cold. I am working on a hydrangea design, but I cheated and bought the blooms from the florist. I have just finished doing the first dye to the fabric, so it won't be finished for awhile!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks Jen!
I'd gladly share some with you, haha!
I saw that parts of the North east U.S. had been hit pretty badly with snowstorms. Glad you didn't bear any brunt of that.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Hydrangea design. Buying some isn't cheating! You're just going by the season's schedule!
Have fun with it all and keep warm, too!

Shyrlene said...

Karen -- LOVE your Winter photos! The Hydrangea is just fabulous, AND 'photo frame' ready. I just had a few of my photos enlarged and framed - your 1st photo would look amazing my artistic friend! We just had our first measurable snow today... I feel like a little kid, giddy to go play (but snuggling in feels better!).

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks Shyrlene! I really never thought of that.. Maybe Xmas cards for next year? You are always giving me excellent ideas, my friend!
: )
Glad you finally got some snow! Go forth and play in it. Thinking we are both just big kids at heart, lol. Altho' like you, I also prefer just snuggling inside. Being honest!
It's snowing here again right now. A winter wonderland. Wishing one for you, too!
Keep warm!