Sunday, 30 May 2010

Container Planting - Summer Mix

Well, my poor barrel is on it's last legs, but it will have to do for one more season. I'm actually afraid to move it because I think it will fall apart given the chance, and that's a huge mess just waiting to happen that I don't really want to deal with right now!
It's filled with lot's of annuals of assorted colours, and I add some branches for height, especially since the plants haven't filled out yet, and it looks rather sparse still until they do.
What are you planting in your containers this year?
Happy Gardening!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Allium karataviense @ Wall*Flower*Studio

This unassuming Allium deserves a special spot in the garden. I've planted it right beside my steps so I can see it while it's blooming, which it's doing now. The flowers, as you can see in the picture, have not fully opened to their full globe shape , but I was with camera in hand, so clicked a picture for posting.
It's pretty short, as far as alliums are concerned, almost dwarf in size, only growing about 6-8" tall, and I'm thinking it's a real nice speciman plant requiring a location right in front of the garden, as it might get lost if planted amongst towering flowers like Lilies or Irises, where it wouldn't be seen at all.
The flowers, which are slightly scented, and the globe-shaped inflorescence (florets), are a pale greenish colour, with a hint of white, or even pink, depending on the light. I like the foliage too, which is akin to a tulip leaf, only bigger and thicker, and looks kind of velvety, with a bit of a shimmering quality, too. Very pretty!
This decorative member of the onion family would likely look great in containers, too, if they could over-winter safely. Hardy to zone 3 USDA
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