Monday, 28 June 2010

Hens and Chicks in Claypots - Sempervivum

Well, like most gardeners, you know there's always a few little empty claypots hanging around, unused, and just waiting to have something plunked into them.

A friend of mine has Hens and Chicks coming out of her ears, and even tho' I've lots in my garden already, she was kind enough to offer me, literally, bags of them.
Who am I to say no to that?!
Well after cramming in as many as I could, all over the rock garden, there were still a few left in the bag. I didn't want to just chuck them into the compost, (seemed like a waste), so I rummaged through the shed and found these little pots.
I potted up the Hens & Chicks and even added some moss around the edges, just to give it a finished look. Now they adorn the little bistro set on my verandah, adding a nice touch to an otherwise empty table.
Thinking something along these lines would make for a nice hostess gift, too!
In any case, this fall, I'll just plant them... somewhere. Certainly got my money's worth! ; )
There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours of Hens and Chicks out there.
You might also know them as "Houseleeks", and they can be found at the garden centre under their latin name, Sempervivum.
These hardy succulents are extremely drought tolerant, make a great addition to the front of a border or a rock garden, and the best thing is that they will thrive in the worst soil one can offer!
Happy Gardening!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hemerocallis - Daylily - In the Garden

Like most people, I wish the lovely Daylily's flower would last longer than just a day.
There are so many hybrids and cultivars of this genus, that a real daylily fan could spend a small fortune investing in the new choices that becomes available every year!
The one shown here in my garden is a dwarf variety. I'm waiting anxiously for my larger double variety, named "Kwanzo" to appear. It's a real beauty!
Apparently, the flowers can be eaten raw, and tho' I've yet to do this, so don't take my word for it, I am willing to give it a try!
Just imagine how pretty a salad would be with a few of these blossoms thrown in!
So, not only are they pretty when they flower, but I like their lanceolate foliage, too. They make a nice border along a fence, but I must say, to see them growing wild along a roadside ditch in full bloom, a whole smathering clump, really is a sight to behold!
Daylilys are really easy to grow, and a spot can be found for these lovely specimens in mostly every garden!
For further info, please feel free to view..
Happy Gardening!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Creatures Around the Garden : )

Was fortunate enough to capture (via the camera), a couple creatures in and around my garden today. I've never seen a Toad like this before and he/she was quite happy to pose for my pictures! If anyone knows what type of toad it is, I'd love to know!
A dragonfly landed right on his back, but I moved & unfortunately, scared it away before I could click a pic with my antiquated camera. Was very cute to see!
The Butterfly was just delightful. It also seemed happy to pose for a photo op as well!
Ah, I love summer!
***An update to this post:
The Crafty Gardener , who has a wonderful blog and is also here in Ontario, was kind enough to let me know that it's a Tree Frog.
Thanks, Linda! : )

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Verandah & Rock Garden

Lemon Thyme - Herbs in the Rock Garden

Thymus citriodorus variegata is one of my favourite herbs that contains a really lovely scent.
It's just starting to bloom in the rock garden.
Lemon thyme is wonderful in the sense that you can just touch it with your hand and smell the aroma immediately.
It's a popular culinary herb with many uses. Soups, salads and sauces all benefit from a little addition, and I especially like to have it on a romaine salad. Very tasty!
A Lemon Thyme dip is scrumptious, and all that takes is a combination of mayonnaise, lemon zest, and some salt/pepper. Probably, it's best known for it's use on grilled chicken. Really nice this time of year on the barbecue.
Lemon Thyme is very hardy, and I have no problem growing it in my rock garden, where it seems very happy, despite our very cold winters. This little evergreen prefers full sun and well drained soil, and it's very drought tolerant, too.
A nice addition to any herb or rock garden, and would be particularly lovely in window boxes, too, draping over the sides! I can see it now.
Happy Gardening

Monday, 21 June 2010

Verandah and Rock Garden

A little spot in the garden where I like to enjoy a morning coffee.
Like most gardeners tho', I can't seem to sit too long and just enjoy the vista.
Always something to do...weeding, planting, watering, etc.
Haven't been on the computer too much since the weather has been so nice and I've been outside as much as possible.
Happy Gardening!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Garden Vignette

A wee garden portrait, or vignette, of things growing right now at Wall Flower Studio.
I like to have an assortement of shapes, colours and textures in the garden. Seems to make it all more interesting for the eye to gaze upon.
The roses, much to my delight, (and shock), have a lot of little buds on them, so I'm waiting with much anticipation to see what colour they are. I've no idea!
Am a big fan of heuchera, which is bottom right in the picture. They haven't started to send up blooms yet, but I love the colour of the foliage which is a nice contrast to the green.
The feathery foliage in the upper right is cosmos. They're such a dainty flower and once they start blooming, continue on into the fall.
Thanks for visiting!