Friday, 21 January 2011

February is all about #Seeds - Seedy Saturday is coming up fast!

Arikara Sunflower Seeds @ Wall Flower Studio
Wall Flower Studio is extremely pleased to announce we're once again participating
at Seedy Saturday, (on a Sunday!), in Toronto.
Date: Sunday, February 13th, 2011 - 12:30 pm - 6 pm
Location: Hart House, University of Toronto.
My third time as a vendor!
At Seedy Saturday, (on a Sunday), garden enthusiasts are able to purchase organically grown seeds, as well as other earth friendly products directly from growers like myself.
It's an amazing place to be, and the energy is always thick with enthusiasum for what is being offered to the public.
Wall Flower Studio offers eco-friendly plantable paper favors, tags and notecards, as well as seed balls, which you can just throw and grow.
We also have available aapproximately 100 varieties of organic seed packets,
(vegetables, herbs and heirloom & Native plants).
Not to mention organically grown lavender products, as well as catnip!
We can't forget our feline friends!
As always, I'm looking so forward to meeting other like minded gardeners and flower/veggie/plant enthusiasts!
There's always amazing events, workshops, presentations, demo's and talks about gardening. Most of these relate to edible gardening, sustainability, and how to create an eco friendly environment .
So... Don't forget to bring the kids! There will be games for children, and really, we have to start the next generation of gardeners early!
It's a fun place for them to be and great for the whole family.
Entrance is by donation, so it's an affordable outing, too!
One of my personal mantras is to help educate people, (but not in a nagging way), about the importance of organic products, native plants, growing food, and shopping local, because after all, we only have one planet, and these are all things we can do to make the Earth and ourselves, a better and healthier place to be.
For more information:
or call (416) 363-6441 - ext. #252
Hope to see you there!


900ft Jesus said...

I know it's early, but I already started planting indoors. Helps me get through the winter! Planted more tree seeds this year because they can stay in the planters longer. Just need to see something grow.

Wall Flower Studio said...

I totally understand, 900ft Jesus. Planting seeds this time of year can almost bring Spring a little bit closer. Like you, I can't wait to get in the garden and nurture all the seeds planted between now and then.
Best wishes for 2011, and thanks for commenting. : )