Saturday, 15 January 2011

#Seed Pods . Seedy Saturday . Harvesting the Amaryllis

Amaryllis' have such beautiful and plump seed pods. I'm looking forward to harvesting them!
This is from my heirloom Amaryllis, Hippeastrum vittata.
Haven't been posting on this blog lately due to some art commissions,
(feel free to visit Wall Flower Studio's art blog to see what's cookin' over there),
but when I've done that, which should be next week, I'm going to have to get busy packaging all the seeds I collected last year from the garden.
Seedy Saturday's here in Ontario are coming up fast.
Wall Flower Studio will be participating in 2 separate events.
One in Toronto, and the other in Peterborough... dates, times and info to follow.
Thanks for stopping by!


fer said...

Those seed pods look very nice! I hope the seeds will grow beautifully for you next season.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Fer, thank you very much.
That is so kind! I appreciate your visit.

Alice said...

This seed pod is tender, hope this pod grows beautifully well in the next season.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Alice, thank you!
Actually, one of the pods has just split open. So, thanks for the reminder, too, as I hadn't looked at it in a few days.
Will have to post a picture. : )