Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Feed the Soil - Not the Plants. Gardens Thrive with Compost!

Food Scraps for the composter

Some Composting Tips:
To get started, make a layer of leaves or other brown vegetation.
Then add a layer of green plant material.
Add kitchen waste as it accumulates.
Dig this into the pile or cover with a thin layer of soil.
Continue adding material, alternating layers of brown material, green yard waste and kitchen waste.
Brown yard waste is generally high in carbon.
Kitchen scraps and fresh yard waste are high in nitrogen.
Both carbon and nitrogen are needed to build a balanced compost pile.
Fine materials such as grass clippings should be added in thin layers so that they do not compact.Keep the material as moist as a wrung-out sponge.
Covering the pile with wet newspapers may help to retain moisture.
Water the pile occasionally if it becomes too dry.
Turn the pile every few weeks or whenever it becomes compacted, too wet, to prevent any odour.
A garden fork, rake or pitchfork can be used to turn the pile properly and keep it aerated. Mix the material from the edges of the pile into the middle for more even decomposition.
How to make yourself a 3 Bin Composter - -(U of Kentucky, College of Ag.)
If we all composted, even just our kitchen scraps,
just think of how much garbage we could keep out of landfill.
Plus, your garden will thrive on the organic nutrients you provide.
I never use ferillizers in my garden.
Chemicals cannot replace or even compare to what Nature has already perfected.
Happy Gardening!


Bernie said...

Great post. I'm one of those gardeners who still fertilize the plants as I've not yet started to compost. Finding a good location for a composter is my problem at the moment but I'm working on it!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Bernie, thanks, and you make an excellent point. Space can definitely be an issue as to whether or not composting can even be done. Without it, so many people don't even have access to it, even if they want to.
Methinks you've just handed me an idea for a new post. : )