Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Red Lion Amaryllis Budding Now

To be honest, I forgot about this little fellow. It's a Red Lion Amaryllis.
It has a really pretty deep red velvety colour flower with a nice sheen on the petals.
It has been, without me meaning to, been tucked away in the dining room, behind some other larger plants. Oops!

Was happy to see a bud starting to sprout from it, even after my neglect of it for a couple months. I guess that's what it needed!
That little clay worm on the pot is my favourite little kitschy decoration.
I love the stunned look it has. : )
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Shyrlene said...

Isn't it awesome when you have such a flower 'surprise' this time of year, when we've been buried up to our eyeballs in snow?! I love the color and textures of the photo - way cool!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Totally, Shyrlene, and thanks!
When I see an amaryllis bud emerging from a bulb, it puts me in mind of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, lol.
I cant' take credit for it, but was just glad I happened to take a peek and see what it was up to. : )
You're so right. A nice suprise when there's still 4 feet of snow outside!

Wandering Jew Plant said...

Amaryllis is one of my favorite flowers. I love watching it every day and seeing how it grows each day. Too bad that they don't stay alive for a long time.

Wall Flower Studio said...

I love watching them too, Wandering Jew Plant!
Will have to post a picture when it finally blooms.
Also wish the flowers lasted longer. Have found they do stay alive a long time, tho'.
Thinking that just treating them like any other houseplant seems to work well, and I've had good luck bringing them back to bloom every year. A little neglect in late Autumn-early Winter seems to help!
Thanks for visiting!

Garden Plants said...

If it lived longer, Amaryllis would be up among my favourite plants.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks for commenting, Garden Plants!
Actually, have to say that I do find them to be quite a long lived plant. They are my favourite for sure! Who could resist? : )