Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sowing Seeds today ... Heirloom Tomatoes etc.

Many of you are doing this too, I'm sure!
Just couldn't help but be inspired by all the great seed and gardening talk the other night at #SuperSowSunday on Twitter. I had to get started!
Loving the fact that while I'm sowing seeds, the sun is shining, and of course the music is on, too!
Makes it seem like Spring is actually on it's way.
Some of the tomatoes varieties I've grown before, and some are new to me.
If you've grown any of them I'd love to hear about your success /failiures.
Just enjoy sharing the info.
Polish Linguida (Amazing paste tomato)
Black Prince (From Siberia)
Mennonite (German, and tomato is a yellow colour)
Mountain Princess (From the mountain region of the West Virginia)
Black Krim
Principe Borghere
Earl Of Edgecombe (from New Zealand)
Also sowing:
Cocozelle Zucchini (19th century Italian variety)
Globe Green Artichokes
Pepper (Purple Beauty)
Green Curly Endive
Eggplant (Diamond)
Red Seeded Citron Melon (Citrullus lanatus)
Just "sow" glad it's that time of year again...
Happy planting!


Donna said...

looking "sow" good...hope I do as well in a few weeks

juliidleman said...

The Principe Borghese tomatoes are the first ones we put in every year. They will flower even in cool spring weather here in California. We love them! They are our favorite tomato for drying and even though they are a determinate plant, small bushes in shape, they produce several crops of tomatoes on each plant. I keep them going until frost. Hope you enjoy them!

Wall Flower Studio said...

~ Thanks "sow" much, Donna! Ha ha! Gotta love garden humour.
And, I know you'll do great! : )

~ Juli, that is really good to know. Thank you. Maybe I'll try setting them outside a bit earlier to harden them off, then. Have been a little nervous to do so, but it's nice to push things along a little. Thanks so much!
Great blog, by the way!

Jon said...

Haven't grown any of those! Just want to know if I can stop by and check them out this summer when we cottage around the corner from you at Shalom at the end of July.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hello Jon,
I'm thinking that tomatoes wouldn't be very large in July, (the end of August is a different story), but you'd be welcome to come and visit the garden.