Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday Flower - Cross Pollinating Amaryllis

Above is pollen (stamens) I saved from my Amaryllis vittatum.

Amaryllis vittatum. (Above) An heirloom variety.

Red Lion Amaryllis. (above)

Well, this is what I've been waiting for.
I was told that the heirloom Amaryllis vittatum that I have, which, if you haven't visited here before, and is over 120 years old,
is supposed to be a good variety to cross with other Amaryllis' and create new varieties.
I was certainly intriqued!
When my vittatum last bloomed, I saved some of the pollen.
I actually have no idea if I stored it properly, or if this is really going to work, but I did use that pollen on the Red Lion variety I have, and just dipped the stigma into the little jar you see above.
Now it's a waiting game for the seed pods to form.
Then, I'll have to plant them, which means another 3 or so years before a flower appears from those seeds.
Good thing I have patience!
Good thing I'm not playing with orchids. They take 10 years!
Thanks for visiting!
Happy Flowering Friday!


asclepias said...

You have an 120 year old amaryllis?!! Impressive. I have an amaryllis developing seed pods this year. I tried this one other time, the seeds are supper easy to grow but I overwaterd the seedlings during the winter and none survived. :( Maybe I'll be able to keep them alive long enough this time to see them bloom.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Asclepias, thanks for commenting.
Yes, it was my Great-great Grandmother's and passed down to me when my Uncle passed away.
I have had seed pods develop from that one many times, and like you have grown them from seed. Just have never cross pollinated before. I'm very excited about it!
And they are easy, aren't they?
I'm sorry to hear yours didn't take this winter. I think we've all killed plants with kindness!I know I have, lol!
Try, try again! And, I'm sure we'll both see ours blooming!
Have a great weekend!