Friday, 4 March 2011

Okay Spring.. Hurry up!! This gardener is officially done with Winter.

Wall Flower Studio. Aka, my home!
Overcast right now as you can see, and the chance of freezing rain.
Thinking I'll be staying indoors this weekend, making more Seed Balls!
That poor Scarecrow... I forgot to bring him/her in last Autumn.
It's actually standing in one of my raised beds, believe it or not!

My garden is under there somewhere.
I wonder if it's longing for me they way I'm longing for it?
My Mom would say patience is required, and she'd be right, but like I said, I've had enough!
Pretty sure I'm not alone feeling that way!
If hydro wasn't so expensive nowadays, I'd consider getting out the extension cord, plugging in my hair dryer and starting the Spring melt that way! ; )
So, back to indoor gardening for now...
Seeds are coming along nicely, and I still have more to sow.
To all those out there who can, (especially my friend Bee, in Florida),
Enjoy the sunshine and Happy Gardening!


Annelie said...

I hear you sister!
Same here, although not quite as bad. We have some bald spot where the grass is showing at least.


Wall Flower Studio said...

LOL! Thanks Annelie! I knew I wasn't alone feeling this way! : )
That bald spot sounds promising, too. Certainly a start. Have a good weekend!

Bernie said...

Such a lot of snow. I can understand how you're fed up with it all. I'm jumping for joy because our horrid Summer is finally over ... it's the first month of Autumn here and it is most welcome.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Well, you've just had way too much horrible ghastly and destructive weather. More than your fair share for sure. I've no reason to complain in comparison, Bernie.
It's just the artist, and the gardener in me, Bernie. I need to see some living colour. Everything is just bland, monotonous and monochromatic. Not to mention cold! lol.
Wishing you a very enjoyable Autumn. You deserve it, my friend! : )