Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sharing a Garden Treasure

(Top of box) - I just love the 1920's - 1930's vintage image.
Little file cards, chock full of information on all kinds of gardening subjects.
Mostly what we would consider heirloom gardening, today.

The Treasure Box
Another picture of the lovely ladies.
Have you ever purchased something, epsecially something garden related, that you couldn't actually use in the garden, but just couldn't resist?!
That's what happened to me when I saw this little vintage set of file file cards.
It was the charming images and artwork that I responded to.
When I got it home, I carefully opened the box and was just blown away by the fabulous information on the cards. Invaluble to someone like me, who is trying to learn all I can about heirloom and historic gardening.
A much more innocent time, and way of living.
Working with nature, instead of against it.
Thanks for visiting!
Happy (organic) Gardening!


Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

What a find! I just love the beautiful artwork!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks so much Cathy! I really appreciate that.
It's a little dog-eared, but that doesn't bother me.
Half the fun is browsing through second hand stores. You just never know what you'll find!
: )

Bernie said...

Treasure is definitely the right word for this wonderful find ... and it couldn't have fallen into more appropriate and fitting gardening hands! I can just imagine how you pored over every word on those index cards!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Ah, Bernie, you are lovely. Thank you. : )
That means the world to me!
And yes, I did read every word. All the while trying not to crinkle them anymore than they already are!
I'll have to share some of the info on here. Another post to come!
Hope you had a great weekend. xo

Anonymous said...

What a great garden treasure you found! I collect vintage garden treasures too. Such garden history behind them. :)

Wall Flower Studio said...

Anonymous, thank you!
You're quite right. The history behind them is what makes them so special. : )

Theresa said...

I, too, love the artwork. Great find!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Theresa, thank you!
I appreciate that very much!
Have a great week. : )