Saturday, 5 March 2011

Wild Turkeys in my yard - Trudging through the snow.

I just love seeing the wild turkeys!
Haven't seen them for about a month now.
Just happened to be lucky enough to be looking out the window when they were traipsing by.
Most often, I just see their tracks in the snow!

A real trudge trying to navigate all that snow.
Nature and wildlife never fails to impress me.
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Bernie said...

It is remarkable just how the wildlife copes with the conditions! Kudos to these guys.

We see wild turkeys here too ... not the same species of course and certainly not as welcome. The bush turkeys do a lot of damage and are regarded as pests!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Bernie, that's so true. Was thinking much the same thing as I watched them walk through the yard. Gotta hand it to them...
And, I'll have to google those bush turkeys. You've piqued my interest!
I have to say, tho', Australia has the coolest wildlife! My favourite being the Duck-billed Playtpus. : )

Bernie said...

Would you believe it ... the Platypus is one creature I've never seen in real life. They're notoriously hard to see in the wild, being very shy and they don't survive well in captivity. One day maybe I'll get to see one!

The horrid turkeys we get here are called the Australian Scrub Turkeys and they can be very destructive in gardens.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Well, I just had a good read about that Brush Turkey, Bernie.
Amazing that they make those mounds for laying eggs! One could almost call them composting birds! ; )
But, I wouldn't want to mess with one. They look like they could be pretty aggressive. Yikes!!

Have watched wildlife shows about the Platypus. I remember hearing that they're very shy. Wouldn't that be nice if you could see one?
I just think they're adorable! : )