Friday, 8 April 2011

Flowering Friday @ Wall Flower Studio


I purchased these at the grocery store.

That's what happens when the line up is too long, and temptation for flowers is too great to ignore.


Played around a bit with this photo on one of my computer programs.

Happy Flowering Friday!



The Quilted House said...

gorgeous! wow!



I hate going to the grocery story for this very reason. Although one of the big box chains by my house hasn't discovered the secret of putting plants near the checkout. They're all the way in a corner of the store which really lessens the temptation.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks Quilted House! It's fun to play with pictures! : )

Mr. Brownthumb, you know it! I'm tempted all the time at the grocery store check out. Sad, isn't it?
Hopefully no marketing people from those box stores will read your comment, or we'll suffer the same fate there, too! ; )