Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday Flowers From the Garden

Cut from the garden, last fall, some pretty mauve coloured Mums.


The rain came in torrents the day I cut these from the garden.

All of the flowers were lying on their sides, splattered with soil.

Poor things... What's a gardener / former floral designer to do?

Cut 'em and put 'em in a vase, on the front porch.

They lasted for weeks, since the weather/temps were cool by then.

There's a couple wee pots on the table filled with Sempervivums, (Houseleeks), too.

Like many people, I have tons of these Hens & Chicks growing in the garden.

They spread everywhere. But I like that!

Some are potted up for on the porch and I like to have them on the kitchen windowsill, too.

I tucked a little Reindeer Moss around them, just to add a nice finished look.

The grey/silver look of the moss contrasts nicely with the green plants.


Happy Flowering Friday!



Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

I cant wait to have Hens and Chicks! Soon I will. I hope they multiply alot for me!

Wall Flower Studio said...

That's great, Jenn! I bet they will multiply for you!
There's so many varieties, too. A person could become a real collector. I'd like to get some different coloured ones and tuck them here and there in the garden.
They'll grow in parts of my rock garden where nothing else will. : )

Shyrlene said...

Karen - 'Chicks & Hens' make me smile. My mother-in-law loved them, and they caught my eye years ago. I never planted any, but have started accumulating Sedums from friends (though I've kept them potted - worried that they might be invasive). Time to revisit Chicks & Hens -- their coloring is striking and the texture is cool.