Saturday, 2 April 2011

Greening Up My Laundry - Natural Soap Alternatives

Natural Soap Powder
Being the green thinking person that I am, and because we have a septic system at our home, because we live in a rural location, I've been looking into alternatives to the harsh detergents I've been using for our laundry. I decided to make my own soap powder. The ingredients are one part Sodium bicarbonate, (baking soda) to one part borax (sodium borate, Sodium tetraborate decahydrate ), and a few drops of certified organic, pure essential oils.That's it! Happily, I know there's no dyes, fillers or phosphates in this, and of course, no animal testing! (Phosphates are responsible for the increase of algal blooms which grow on the excess phosphorus and consume most of the oxygen in the waters, killing fish and plants.). 
Well, I've tried for the past few weeks, keeping in mind that I'd like to post about it. I know that it's safe for our high efficiency machines, (both the washer and dryer are front loaders), and only one tablespoon sized scoop cleaned a super size load beautifully. The most remarkable thing is that sometimes I'm sure I've had allergic reactions to the harsher big brand names on the market. So far, with this handmade soap, nothing like that has occurred! Also, I didn't require a fabric softener. The clothes and towels were remarkably soft without it! That's a huge savings in my book. The other thing I like about it is I can use any essential oil to scent the soap! Lavender is really nice, but so is the Vanilla, and Tea Tree. Anyone can make these soaps.
If you're concerned about allergies, the environment, and your septic system, then this is really the way to go! Thanks for visiting! Happy Laundry : )


Stone Tree Studio said...

Thanks for sharing that! Now where do you get Washing Soda (it is different from baking soda right?) Looking forward to trying out your recipe!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Elise! It is just plain old baking soda, or Sodium bicarbonate. Sorry for the confusion!
And, also, my friend Anita says she uses vinegar as a substitute for fabric softeners.
I don't know how much, tho'. Will have to check on that.
Thanks for dropping by! Hope all is well with you in Dorset!