Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gardening Under Glass - Terrariums are Back in Style

This Begonia ended up in the Terrarium. Thinking it will thrive better under glass.

Finished product - I used a large apothecary jar with lid. Worked great!

I purchased (above), this 70's (?) terrarium at our local second hand store here in Haliburton. Unfortunately, it leaks a bit, so I'll have to calk it before I can plant it. Not a problem, tho'. For 5 bucks, I don't mind!
I added a layer of pebbles, then a layer of charcoal. (This can be found at most pet stores).
A bit of soil on top, the the moss all around the perimeter of the jar. Then I added the begonia, and a bit more soil. Next came the wee decorations!
Lot's of fun! Any jar will do. Thinking this would be a fun project for kids, too! You don't even need plants, really. Just some moss and perhaps other finds from the forest floor. Pinecones and cherished rocks!
Thanks for dropping by! Happy (indoor) Gardening.


The Sage Butterfly said...

I remember these from the 70's. It seemed as if everyone had one. Yours are very nice and full.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks, Sage Butterfly. I remember them, too. We're dating ourselves aren't we?! ; )
Actually, I remember making macrame plant hangers with my Grandma.
Thinking I'll get one for my spider plant. Everything old is new again!