Saturday, 14 May 2011

Get Cracking - Sow Some #Seeds : )

It occurred to me tonight while making an Egg dish for dinner, that the egg shells might make good containers to start seeds in.
I didn't have a whole carton, but used what I had to plant up Parsley, English Thyme, and Chioggia Beets, which are a favorite heirloom of mine.

So, people will either think I'm nuts, or they'll think its a good idea! Maybe a bit of both?!

But really. I throw eggshells in my garden anyways, so why not plant them up first? Thought it was worth a try. We'll see how it grows!


Thanks for stopping by! Happy Gardening : )


Patricia Tryon said...

I think it's a great idea! I have some banana pepper seeds that I've put on getting started, and this is good encouragement to get going.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Patricia, that's just great. I'm glad you'd like to try this. Thank you!
I was just told by a lady on my Facebook group that she uses eggshells to plant seeds with the kids at a school garden she helps out with. I thought that was an excellent thing to do.
Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you : )

Donna said...

I just read where this is a great way to plant seedlings...I am definitely giving it a try next year....let us know how it goes

Wall Flower Studio said...

Donna, thank you.
And I must apologize to you. A couple of comments went missing from my blog after Blogger did some maintenance last week.
You and another gardening friend were kind enough to reply to that post about the "mystery plant". I tried to reply back and got cut off. Couldn't get back on blogger for hours. Then both posts were gone!
Anyhow, so happy to know that the plant in question is Spring Beauty. : )
Have a great week.