Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Shade Loving Native Woodland Plant - Foamflower

This is another pretty little native flower blooming right now.

It's common name in Ontario is Foamflower, and it's botanical name is Tiarella,

T. cordifolia.

It's only about 6 - 8 inches tall, with soft green leaves that are reminiscent of a geranium.

It's lovely dainty white flowers certainly make it suit it's name! They almost look like a ton of tiny orchids!

The pollinators love it, possibly because there's not much blooming yet, hence not much choice, with the exception of other native plants blooming now, and of course, my perennials are very slow to show themselves this year, due to so much rain and lack of hot weather. I think many people out there can relate.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by! Here's hoping for lots of sunshine and warm temps this week for all of us.

Happy Gardening : )


Bernie said...

It is absolutely beautiful! Fingers crossed you get some sunshine and heat soon so your perennials can take off.

Connie Lou said...

These are so pretty, hmmm, need to look around to see if they are in Hawaii!
Although we are in a tropical climate, it has been very rainy this year, so yes, I can relate...happy gardening! Connie