Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sunny Daffodils Blooming Now

Many people have asked me why I don't plant more Tulips. I adore Tulips. There are some around my garden. I actually have a real liking for the turkistanica "Tarda" variety, which are very small, but I plant Daffodils in the lawn because of the deer. They don't touch them.

I would love to include more Tulips and naturalize them in the lawn too, but they would be eaten up like a buffet, quicker than you can say "sneezebar". ; )

And really, you just can't beat Daffs for brightening up even the dullest of Spring days.

They almost seem to have sunny yellow smiles! The cups look like trumpets, heralding the arrival of Spring.

Happy Gardening!


Bill and Heather said...

Thanks for the tip of what flowers deer like but I got to thinking why not make a deer garden. Unusually we don't like to have things in the yard that attract animals because of the damage that follows, but the deer is worth it.

You opened my eyes to the possible idea of creating a deer garden. We have been watching them feed in our back yard for the pass few weeks on a downed tree and old scrap vegetation and have enjoyed every minute. Trying to sneak up to get a good picture is a challenge.

Got any good tips for this deer garden keeping in mind of winter plant food also.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful! I love the big yellow daffs. My first ones just opened this week. The species tulips are lovely, and so easy to grow. I wonder if the deer would leave them alone?

Donna said...

I so agree about daffs and have so many all over...the deer are why I plant few tulips even inside the fence where they can jump and eat...happy spring!!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Bill, well there's no reason you couldn't do that. I like seeing the deer, especially in winter, but find they come back in the Spring too, to feast on things I don't want them to eat. I've found they don't like anything with fuzzy leaves, but as you know, they love Hosta, or anything green & leafy. Also in winter, they'll appreciate cedars. They'll come for that for sure, as well as Dogwood. They ate my dad's dogwood shrubs down to the ground. I'll have to do a post on what they will eat! Thanks for the idea! : )

Rebecca, isn't it wonderful to see them opening? I do have Tarda. They're actually growing in the grass, just outside of the garden. So far, nobody has bothered them. At least they aren't so tall as to be noticed. Give them a try!

Donna, thanks! Happy Spring to you, too! I have to admit, even in Toronto, where I moved here from, inevitably, something would get the Tulips. Squirrels seem to like them as well. But, it is worth growing them somewhere. Tulips are so beautiful. : )