Friday, 10 June 2011

Flowers For Friday - June Blooms and Seedlings

Allium - Purple Sensation

Borage seedlings

Pretty Irises

Alliums are just about done for the year.

So that's it for now. I've got lots more to put on here, but I'll save them for another post.

And just to add, I'd like to thank Jenn, Connie, Donna, Bernie, The Sage Butterfly, Garden Hoard, Fishtail Cottage for your lovely comments on previous posts, and for visiting my blog. Unfortunately, being on dial up, I sometimes have trouble replying, due to a really slow internet connection. (Sometimes it's no more than what you'd get for sending a fax, 14.4 kbps. Feel free to pity me! ; )

My apologies for that, and as always, I'm totally grateful for your comments. I can usually get into the "dashboard" here on Blogger to post things, but can't always get on my blog to respond in the comment box. Drives me crazy! I guess that's the not so good part about country living. We're in what you might call a black hole, and it's even hard to get cell phone service at times.

I would love to visit my friends blogs more often, too, but it's just impossible sometimes to do that with such a slow connection and downloading pictures makes me want to pull my hair out.

Anyhow, these folks I've listed are all linked here on the side bar of my blog. Please feel free to visit their wonderful gardens, too!

So, hopefully someday soon, a hi-speed internet connection will find my wee hoose.


Anyhow, I hope everyone has a bloomin' good weekend.

I'm off to the farmers market tomorrow, and here's hoping for good weather for everyone out there.



Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post, I really have to add some giant Allium one day, I love the perfect purple spheres they make.

Donna said...

I understand and hope someday you can have the speed to enjoy the blogs you wish...I know we enjoy yours...lovely

Wall*Flower*Studio said...

Rebecca, thank you! The Alliums are no fail flowers. Every year I seem to have another one come up, too. They don't last overly long in the garden, especially if it gets hot quick, but while they're there, they sure look pretty!

Donna, I really appreciate that. Thank you very much! I guess dial-up is the trade off for a good life in the country. If that's my only complaint, then life is pretty darned good.

Have a wonderful weekend!