Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blooming Now - Amaryllis & Paperwhites @ Wall*Flower*Studio

My last Paperwhite Narcissus is blooming now. I have it strategically placed between the kitchen & dining room, so I can smell it's lovely scent! Most people are very definite about the perfume from this flower. I've found people either love it or hate it. There doesn't seem to be an in between opinion!

My Amaryllis vittatum is blooming like mad. This has been ongoing for 3 months, now, since I brought it indoors for the winter. It's not hardy here in Ontario, so I do baby it! I've hand pollinated the flowers again, and already collected many seeds from it. What gifts it offers me! I have several seedlings started from this heirloom plant, which is over 120 years old.

A close up of the Amaryllis flower. It has a really pretty sheen about it. The flowers are a bit smaller than the large hybrids bred today. I'm just happy to have something blooming now. We have snow outside, blanketing the garden, and Like many people in the northern hemisphere, I'm impatiently awaiting next Spring! Thanks for visiting!


900ft Jesus said...

I planted both of those indoors for the first time. Not in bloom yet, but it's nice to see something grow. Helps me get through the winter.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Wonderful, @ 900ft Jesus! I hear you, too. They do help us Canucks get through long winters.
Both Amaryllis & Paperwhites seem to have there own internal clocks, despite our prodding! Just a note about each, if you're doing this for the first time, keep the water line for paperwhites at the base of the bulb, then it won't be too wet and rot. As for Amaryllis, again, they just bloom when they want! I treat mine as you would any houseplant, and put it outdoors all summer. They seem to like that. Have fun, and enjoy!

Bernie said...

It's such a treat to see your fabulous Amaryllis blooming. I just love the colour! The Paperwhite flowers are lovely too. That's a plant we never see here, so I have no idea what the perfume is like, but I'll take your word that it's heavenly.

900ft Jesus said...


Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Bernie! Thank you so much! Honestly, if there was a way I could sneak some of the seeds into Australia for you, I'd send you some.
They'd likely grow very well in your garden! Unlike here, you could have them outside year round.
It's funny about the paperwhites. They're a warm climate narcissus, native to places like Israel; not hardy for Canada's winters, that's for sure! They're pre-forced, too, so it's a one shot deal. I just throw them out after, which is a real shame. But yes, the scent is rather strong. I've yet to hear someone say it's "not bad" or "okay". It's either love or hate, lol.
Saw your post about summer! Loved the title, "Raining, pouring, so I'm snoring". Good one!
Enjoy your week~

Wall Flower Studio said...

My pleasure, @900ft Jesus.
Just to add, people have asked me what I fertilize the Amaryllis with.
I just feed them with some leftover tea/coffee from the pot, once in a while. Very easy!