Sunday, 18 December 2011

DIY Natural Hostess Gifts from the Garden @ Wall Flower Studio

Dried Rose Petals in an organza bag. Perfect for that top drawer! If you're having the family for dinner, put one on each plate with name tags. The recipients get to take it home. : )
Dried Lavender in a muslin bag. Great for throwing in the dryer. They lightly scent towels, sheets, and all laundry, and can be used over and over. They're completely natural, too! No chemicals at all, and eco-minded friends will really appreciate that.

Kindling Bundles - aka: Herbal Firestarters - A wonderful way to start the fire in the holiday hearth, while surrounded by friends & family!

All of these are all really fun & easy to make, if you have dried some flowers hanging about from the previous growing season. They're perfect as little hostess gifts. Try tying the sachets on a wine bottle, or add the kindling bundle on top of a gift, instead of using plastic bows. I just think most people really appreciate, and of course, love to recieve a handmade, thoughtful gift like these! They're great to dress gifts with, and it looks like you really put a whole lot of effort in, when nothing could be farther from the truth!

Enjoy! : )


Island Buzzy said...

Love these ideas! Thank you so much, Karen! Hope your weekend is filled with peace and joy! Aloha, Connie

Wall Flower Studio said...

Connie, I'm almost a year late in thanking you! So glad you enjoyed this post! Aloha my friend!