Monday, 19 December 2011

DIY Terrarium - Creating Indoor Gardens - Holiday Gift Ideas

Lots of moss in your garden or property? Have a nice apothecary jar hanging around, and perhaps a little 4" tropical plant? Here's something to make as a gift for that gardening friend!
The only thing that one might need to purchase is charcoal. You can get this at any pet supply store. Charcoal filters the terrarium's ecosystem, keeping bacteria and other nasty things from growing in the soil, especially if the terrarium ever happens to get overwatered.

Line the bottom of the jar with small rocks or pebbles.

I picked mine from off of the driveway! (Rinsed them off, first!).

Add a couple teaspoons of charcoal Add some soilAdd the plant. Tuck it in well.

Add moss around the plant. Different types are great and offer more visual interest.

Add little sculptures to it if you like. Water but not too much!

If the lid is on, and there's lots of moisture, take the lid off and let it escape.

Ease back on watering. These are easy care gardens that don't require that much water, once you find the right balance.

Don't keep them in direct sunlight. I learned the hard way one warm sunny day, that this will cook the plants.

Enjoy and share with friends! Have a very Happy Holiday! : )


Island Buzzy said...

I have been so late on responding to posts, away from home visiting 5 grandkids! Yours was the first as I got a quiet moment at a neighborhood Starbucks (thank God for Starbucks..LOL!) I have to say that even though Christmas has passed, I am definitely keeping this reference for gifts all year long. I think I told you that I live in the cloudlines at 2000 ft in Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii...moss is something we have hundreds of varieties of, some really cool...perfect! Hope you have an awesome new year celebration...and that 2012 is prosperous and peaceful for you! Aloha, Connie

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Connie! (Aloha!)
You have been a busy woman! 5 grandchildren, too! How wonderful is that?! And I'll second that, thank goodness for Coffee in general, lol. It takes a few cups to get me thru' a day.
I love knowing more about where you live. Hawaii has everything! Hundreds of varieties of moss is amazing. I guess that volcanic soil, combined with moisture would be the perfect spot to grow moss!
Wishing you and your's a very Happy and prosperous 2012, my friend! All the best,