Saturday, 17 December 2011

Orchids for the Holidays!

As much as I like Poinsettias, and it sure is the season for them, I'd have to say, flowering plants that might seem a little non-traditional to some people, like these Orchids, can be a really great alternative. Happy Holidays from Wall Flower Studio!


Bernie H said...

Fantastic idea! I wish I had the touch with Orchids, but history has taught me differently.

900ft Jesus said...

nice! I don't mind poinsettias but these offer quite a range of colour and are a lot livelier.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Bernie, thanks!
Honestly, I've killed a couple orchids in my time, but a friend of mine told me to water from the bottom only, like you would an African violet.
I just put them directly into the sink, with the water about half the level of the pot, let them sit for an hour, drain them, and you're good to go!
Every 7-10 days does the trick. But I do understand anyone feeling gun-shy. It took me a long time to try them again. I really hate having any plants die in my care. : (

900ft Jesus, thank you!
You're so right. There are almost unlimited colour combinations now with orchid. They've even come up with a blue one now. I seem to recall the grower was in B.C. But boy, do they bloom for a long time!

Island Buzzy said...

Agreed! Orchid plants are a traditional Christmas offering, decor here in Hawaii. Another one is the Anthurium, they already look just like Christmas! Lol! Have a wonderful weekend! Conniet