Friday, 9 December 2011

Pollinating Saving Harvesting Amaryllis Seeds & basic Botany 101 too!

Saving Seeds from an Amaryllis is easy to do!
All I do is dab my finger on the pollen from the anther. The Anther is the male part of the flower. Then I gently rub it on the stigma of another flower. The Stigma is what gets fertilized, which in turn eventually creates the seeds. (We're getting into real flower reproduction territory, now. See the link I've provided below. It has a diagram with names & descriptions of plant parts needed for doing this. Its basic botany, and very helpful to anyone not familliar with these titles!). Next step... After the flowers are pollinated, the waiting begins. Many pods are developing. It doesn't take long. A couple weeks at the most. At this point, I'm still hand pollinating the flowers.

This is a nice plump seed pod developing. You can see where the flower has dried & turned into the seed pod. It's almost like an ambilical cord!

The seeds pod dries naturally and has now split open on it's own. Harvest time!

Finally, the seeds are free of the pod. Keep them in a dry place where it's not too hot. I have mine in a glass jar in the cupboard. Next post. Planting and sowing the seeds! That's very easy, too!

Diagram of a flower's anatomy: Enchanted Learning - You'll find an excellent printout. Great for teachers and anyone else who'd like to know more about flower reproduction & Basic Botany.

I hope you have fun trying this at home. It's very easy to do, and rewarding for any gardener!

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