Friday, 28 January 2011

Packaging up #Seeds On a Snowy Day

Seeds, seeds, and more seeds!
Well, what seeds you see here are really just the tip of the iceberg.
I have many more, (hundreds in fact), all waiting to be packaged, but I couldn't bear to have them all in one place, and at one time, other-wise the task looks just a little too daunting!
(I'm almost at the point where hiring someone to help might just be a good idea...)
But, I am lucky. I have a very tolerant and loving family who puts up with the garden clutter I create, especially this time of year.
At least in the summer, most of the clutter stays outside!
The seeds yous see here were all grown in 2010, in my garden.
They're all ready to be packaged and labelled, which I do by hand.
Most of the time, it just doesn't seem like work. A cup of coffee and some good music really passes the time!
I've listed several new varieties in my Etsy shop, but really, what I'm truly getting very excited about is participating in this year's #SuperSowSunday on Twitter, which happens on Sunday February 6, 2011.
So, if you love seeds and haven't heard about #supersowsunday,
then pop on over to the BG Garden Blog for more information.
It's always worth a visit to Bren's blog, anyhow!
She has the most fantastic photos, (eye candy, really), and is truly a knowledgeable gardener.
Well, I'd better get back to work.
Many seeds to count, and the clock is ticking!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Back Yard Wildlife at Wall Flower Studio

Blue Jay in the Birch Tree
One of 4 Deer which seem to pass through once or twice a day.
A little bit of wildlife visiting my back yard!
Lots of Blue Jays around here.
Chickadees and Woodpeckers, too, but they seem to be a bit harder to capture on camera!
Just barely managed to get a shot of the deer before it went into the woods.
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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Amaryllis #Seed Pods Have Opened... Much to my delight!

Amaryllis vittatum seeds

Seed Pod split open
I actually had to stand on a stool to take the bottom photo. I didn't want the stem to shake because the seeds would likely fall out before I could snap a picture! It's happened to me before.
Just so glad the seeds are ready. Great timing on my Amaryllis' part. Just in time for #SuperSowSunday which is coming up fast.
Please visit BG Garden's amazing website to find out more information about that, and how to participate on Twitter. All Gardeners will enjoy it for sure and Wall Flower Studio is pleased to be participating!
Also coming up soon is Seedy Sunday in Toronto. These great events are gearing up next month.
February is seed central!
But, I'd also like to start more amaryllis plants. Hoping to pot of some of these seeds this week.
It's a great feeling to be able to grow and share rare heirlooms with fellow gardeners.

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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Three Sisters Garden - The Original Companion Planting Method

. Corn, Beans and Squash!

Three Sister's Garden

Many people think of companion planting as a relativley new idea, but it's definatley not!

This is a First Nation's concept which goes back millenia.

It's truly heirloom gardening in it's finest form;

A beneficial co-existance and a sustainable practice,

passed down from year to year and generation to generation, just as the seeds were.

It's success and methods were passed on as to other tribes and regions in North America.

Here's how it works...

The Three Sisters is a combination of three plants:-corn (maize)-beans (pole)-squash

Each supports the growth of the other in one way or another.

Corn supports the beans physically, and squash grows around them both.

The original "design" concept was to plant it on a mound of soil, and in a circular method.

The beans naturally wind themselves up the corn stalks, which provides the support.

The beans in turn, feed the corn by providing nitrogen to the soil.


The squash, with its vines and trailing habit, winds it's way around the base of the corn and beans, hence becoming a barrier against weeds, as well as shading the soil,

which helps retain moisture.

Ingenious, really. : )

If you'd like to try planting in this method, I'd suggest first preparing the soil.

Plenty of compost & organic matter should be used to offer the seeds a healthy beginning.

The wonderful thing about a Three Sisters Garden is that it can also be grown in a container.

If you don't have enough garden space, it's a fun way to garden, and children will love it too! Make sure however, that the container will have direct sunlight for at six hours or more, and of course, that the container has good drainage.


Start by planting the corn in the middle. Let the corn grow a few inches before sowing the beans directly around it. Then, plant the squash seed along the edge.

Squash will trail, and can be trained to grow right around your container.

Keep the seeds moist and water well throughout the growing season.

You'll likely have to water every day when growing anything, especially edibles, in containers, which will dry out much quicker than if planted directly in the ground.

Try planting heirloom varieties, enjoy your harvest, save the seeds, and have fun!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Gardening!

Friday, 21 January 2011

February is all about #Seeds - Seedy Saturday is coming up fast!

Arikara Sunflower Seeds @ Wall Flower Studio
Wall Flower Studio is extremely pleased to announce we're once again participating
at Seedy Saturday, (on a Sunday!), in Toronto.
Date: Sunday, February 13th, 2011 - 12:30 pm - 6 pm
Location: Hart House, University of Toronto.
My third time as a vendor!
At Seedy Saturday, (on a Sunday), garden enthusiasts are able to purchase organically grown seeds, as well as other earth friendly products directly from growers like myself.
It's an amazing place to be, and the energy is always thick with enthusiasum for what is being offered to the public.
Wall Flower Studio offers eco-friendly plantable paper favors, tags and notecards, as well as seed balls, which you can just throw and grow.
We also have available aapproximately 100 varieties of organic seed packets,
(vegetables, herbs and heirloom & Native plants).
Not to mention organically grown lavender products, as well as catnip!
We can't forget our feline friends!
As always, I'm looking so forward to meeting other like minded gardeners and flower/veggie/plant enthusiasts!
There's always amazing events, workshops, presentations, demo's and talks about gardening. Most of these relate to edible gardening, sustainability, and how to create an eco friendly environment .
So... Don't forget to bring the kids! There will be games for children, and really, we have to start the next generation of gardeners early!
It's a fun place for them to be and great for the whole family.
Entrance is by donation, so it's an affordable outing, too!
One of my personal mantras is to help educate people, (but not in a nagging way), about the importance of organic products, native plants, growing food, and shopping local, because after all, we only have one planet, and these are all things we can do to make the Earth and ourselves, a better and healthier place to be.
For more information:
or call (416) 363-6441 - ext. #252
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

#Seed Pods . Seedy Saturday . Harvesting the Amaryllis

Amaryllis' have such beautiful and plump seed pods. I'm looking forward to harvesting them!
This is from my heirloom Amaryllis, Hippeastrum vittata.
Haven't been posting on this blog lately due to some art commissions,
(feel free to visit Wall Flower Studio's art blog to see what's cookin' over there),
but when I've done that, which should be next week, I'm going to have to get busy packaging all the seeds I collected last year from the garden.
Seedy Saturday's here in Ontario are coming up fast.
Wall Flower Studio will be participating in 2 separate events.
One in Toronto, and the other in Peterborough... dates, times and info to follow.
Thanks for stopping by!