Sunday, 27 November 2011

Kindling Bundles & Wreaths - DIY Dried Herbs - Create Garden Gifts for the Holiday!

Kindling Bundles (aka: Herbal Firestarters). This one has 3 braided together with raffia, and can be hung on the wall until they're ready to be used. The lovely scent when lit, is nice to incorporate them into a holiday tradition!
A single Kindling Bundle. All kinds of herbs and dried plant material can be incorporated. Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Marjoram, Oregano, Mints, Tansy, Savory, Artemesia, and even added dried licorice plant, (an annual here in Canada), from my hanging baskets.
Sage - I just dry it flat when there's no place to hang it. I flip it over every couple of days to prevent any spoilage.

Grapevine wreath bases are great for adding all sorts of herbs and dried flowers. This one is a simple wreath using Artemesia, which is very easy to dry.

Here, I've wrap Bind weed, ( but any assorted vining weed will do), for wreath making. They dry easily, just left like this, flat, and can be used as a simple base to create a pretty wreath. Who says weeds are useless!Variegated Lemon Thyme is perfect for Kindling bundles. It smells so nice! I just dry it flat on an old tray. Well, I hope you have fun! I just like to use these goodies, as it seems like a bit of a waste to just throw them into the composter in the fall.

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