Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The lovely Rose - Herb of the Year - 2012

The Rose - "rosa"

Considering just how valued and coveted this flower has been to humanity over the centuries, it's no surprise that it has earned the esteemed title, "Herb of the Year".

Talk about your versatile flowers...

Not only do roses look good in the garden, but really, who wouldn't like to bathe in Rose Water? That just seems beyond luxurious! Rose water has been used by the reigning beauties of the day as a natural skincare product, pretty much since the beginning of time. Think Cleopatra! - Shown above are rose petals combined with lavender, submerged and soaking in vodka. - By letting this mixture sit for a few weeks tightly sealed in a jar, and in a dark closet to percolate, by straining it and adding it to a spray bottle, one has an eco-friendly room spray. - Much better than that horrible chemical stuff being promoted ad nauseam on television. But I digress...
Roses are a perennial (pardon the pun), favourite of Brides, and with good reason! They're quite simply the perfect cut flower for bouquets, (an example in my painting below), and, dried petals tucked in sachets, (above), makes for excellent wedding favors!

So, my hardy congratulations to the beautiful Rose. By any other name, I'm thinking it would still smell as sweet.


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Your painting is beautiful, as are these lovely flowers. Nothing, absolutey nothing, beats getting a dozen delivered on an otherwise dreary day.

Patricia Tryon said...

The photos are really lovely. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Island Buzzy said...

I love rose water! Thank you so much for the recipe! My grandma would have us put it on toilet tissue as a cleanser...she had invented the original "wipes" minus all the toxic you know what they put into those things they sell in stores! Also, your painting..as always gorgeous, I just love your style! Hope you are keeping warm! aloha, Connie

Shyrlene said...

SO pretty!

(If only it wasn't a "delicacy" for the rabbits! They chowed on my 3' Knockout Rose to the point it was only 6 inches tall. I haven't ventured into growing more delicate rose bushes. I would be devastated by such a loss!)

Garden Sheds said...

Lovely artwork! Nice job!

Ashley said...

I love your painting ! You always have fresh roses to look at !! How is your winter going ? Each day is another day closer to planting season !! Take care, Linda

Wall Flower Studio said...

Cathy, thank you! And, I quite agree... A dozen roses delivered would brighten any day, especially a dreary one. : )

Hi Patricia, thank you so much! I'm very pleased you enjoyed them.

Connie, thank you! It was a fun painting to do.
Happy to share that recipe. It's actually very easy to make, as you know. How clever of your grandma to use wipes before they were commecialized, and spoiled, by chemical companies. Kudos to her!

Hi Shyrlene! Thank you! I'm SO sorry to hear you have a rabbit "issue". Tho' I know your blog is the "Bunny Buffet". Know I know why! It's deer up here that we have troubles with. Don't blame you for venturing into the more delicate varieties. Not when they're just going to become salad for critters. I sometimes think I should build a sneeze bar for my raised beds. ; )

Hello Garden Sheds! Thanks very much for dropping by. : )

Hi Linda! Thanks very much. That's very kind! Winter is going by very well. I hope you are having a good one, too! Cheers!